Lee Jay is simply the best mediator that I know. He brings to the table an incredible combination of business experience, passion for the mediation process, empathy, and the skills necessary to close even the most difficult case. You just can't do any better. -Robert S. Mann of the Mann Law Firm, Los Angeles, CA | TEN-A-CIOUS!! Allows exchanges to vent feelings, but never allows a close resolution to die. Endless enthusiasm & abundant creative proposals. -Ted Travis, Esq., Law Offices of David B. Bloom, Los Angeles, CA | Lee Jay is one of the finest mediation professionals I have encountered. Always diplomatic, well spoken, and the consummate professional. -Hon. Frank J. Ochoa, Judge Santa Barbara Superior Court, Chair, Court ADR Committee | The bottom line is that Mr. Berman knows how to unlock the promise of mediation and when he does I doubt that anyone can see it as anything but good business. -James Rigali, Esq., Kirk & Simas, Santa Maria, CA | Outstanding mediator - really listened. I had very little hope of resolving this matter at mediation. Lee Jay quickly grasped what was important to achieve settlement and put equal pressure on all sides to give it their best shot, while he suggested creative resolutions. He was creative and involved. -Loraine Todd, Esq., Law Offices of George Sykulski, Encino, CA | He is effective in communicating the issues, concerns and uncertainty inherent in the litigation process in a way that is inclusive, non-threatening and understandable. I appreciate his practical approach and common sense. He is knowledgeable about business and about people's feelings and motivations. This gives him the ability to reach the participants, lawyers included, that permits constructive dialogue. -Gregg Martin, Esq., Hamburg, Hanover, Edwards & Martin, Century City, CA

Lee Jay Berman
Lee Jay Berman

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LawTalk New Zealand (NZ Law Society Magazine) Profile 2018: The Superstar of Mediation: Lee Jay Berman [PDF]
LawFuel New Zealand Profile 2018: Hollywood Mediator Lee Jay Berman [PDF]
Daily Journal Profile 2014: Auspicious Beginnings [PDF]
ABA Journal 2012: Making Mediators [PDF]
Daily Journal Profile, 2006 [PDF]
Daily Journal Profile 2001: Painless Mediation

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In order to commence a mediation with Lee Jay, the first thing we need from you is our 1-page Request for Mediation and Agreement to Mediate form. Please complete the form and email or fax it to all the parties involved in the mediation with a copy to Lee Jay's case manager at casemanager@mediationtools.com.
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