"Peacemaking: Practicing at the Intersection of Law and Human Conflict"
by Douglas E. Noll (Author)

Peacemaking: Practicing at the Intersection of Law and Human Conflict is based on the proposition that lawyers must have a greater awareness of human conflict and how to find peace. Written as an introductory textbook for law students, forensic psychology students, and others wanting to understand more about human conflict and its intersection with the law, the book is divided into five parts. Part One, The Law and Peacemaking, examines the role of lawyers as peacemakers and concepts of peacemaking. Part Two, Conflict Resolution Processes, discusses conflict resolution models and processes and orientations to mediation. Part Three, Understanding Conflict, approaches conflict from a multi-disciplinary perspective. Human nature, the neuropsychology of conflict, identity, religion and conflict, conflict and culture, justice and conflict behaviors are covered. Part Four, Conflict Analysis, examines conflict theory, methods of conflict analysis and game theory. Part Five, Peacemaking, considers the ethics of peacemaking, apology and forgiveness, and principles of peacemaking.
Paperback; 480 pages.